Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finally CC2540 gets useful

After some talking with TI engineers, they figured out we were in the wrong pitch. The firmware argued to be BLE compliant indeed exists, though it wasn't the one provided in the software bundle.

One of their engineers was kind enough to provide us a build of the correct one. We can't confirm it's complete, but we managed to perform a successful LE scan and also a LE connection (using BlueZ latest developments on LE).

It seems that now we have an useful platform in our hands. We'll be planning development and syncing with the community in the near future.


Łukasz said...

Could you share with latest firmware for cc2540 ?

Thomas said...

Yes, I will be interested too.

Mik said...

Hi, could you please publish the firmware for cc2540 so that it is recognized as BLE device?

aliko said...

and where can one get this firmware? somebody share pls.