Monday, July 19, 2010

xmfbin experiments, ixmfmux

This is the third report for the iXMF GSoC project. In this phase I've done experiments on an element called xmfbin, that would implement similar behavior of an iXMF engine. Me and my mentor have discussed the difficulties and aspects of this element for defining what we'll do next.

The experiments were all about learning more about the runtime environment required for ixmf. xmfbin was able to play simultaneously mp3 files embedded in a xmf file, created using our own xmfmux component. We had some problems when playing a mp3 file two times while using pulsesink, debug shows there may be a problem with discontinuity but alsasink did not present the same problem. We're still looking into it.

There are also other ideas regarding how ixmf playback could be done using GStreamer, we have stashed them and we'll probably revisit them on the next few weeks.

Now I'll start coding ixmfmux, which is just an extension of xmfmux. The addition is that it embeds special data structures used for ixmf effects (e.g fading, transitions, volume control, etc).

Week Date Event Status
0May 18th First component delivered xmfdemux delivered
1 May 24th GSoC officially begins Designing xmfmux
2May 31th Coding xmfmux xmfmux, unit tests
3Jun 7th Coding xmfmux muxing of complex folder structures
4Jun 14th Second component delivered xmfmux delivered, start designing ixmf playback engine and muxing requirements
5Jun 21th iXMF bin design and prototype extended
5Jun 28th xmfbin experiments xmfbin initial implementation
6Jul 5th xmfbin experiments simultaneous playback tests with formats other than (e.g. mp3)
7Jul 12th xmfbin experiments seeking, samplebin-like behavior
8Jul 16th GSoC Mid-term GSoC midterm evaluations
8Jul 19th ixmf startup start coding ixmfmux component for samples generation
Project Schedule