Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GSoC final report

We've just passed the firm pencil's down date. Here's a final report for Eupnp GSoC project:
  • Discovery, Description, Control features completed (which provide a basic control point functionality set)
  • Multi-toolkit: one can easily integrate Eupnp with Qt, Glib, Ecore or any other toolkit/framework that provides the basic functionality required. We already have integration with Ecore (EFL)
  • Event Notification incomplete (we're able to subscribe for events but for now you're only able to receive raw messages)
  • Internet Gateway Device configuration tool incomplete (able to list IGD devices)

Even though the program ended, I'll obviously keep working on Eupnp. Here's an updated TODO list:
  • Finish implementing Event Notification
  • Finish IGD configuration tool
  • Finish API documentation, write a tutorial
  • libeupnp-av (UPnP Audio/Video specification) extension library
Ideas/future features:
  • Universal control point
  • Python bindings
  • Maemo porting
  • Canola plugin
  • Device building ability (UPnP server)
PS: Big thanks to Gustavo Barbieri (my mentor) who helped me throughout problems and taught me lots of programming techniques. Also thanks to EFL guys (raster, Sachiel, vtorri, cedric, etc) who had the patience to read my patches and answer my stupid questions on IRC :-P.

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