Saturday, May 03, 2008

Alternative way for installing EFL

This worked just fine with Ubuntu 8.04. First, add the repository from this older guide with your respective ubuntu version. Then...

sudo apt-get install libevas0 libecore0 libedje0 libedje-bin libeet0 libeet-bin libewl1 libetk1 libemotion0 libepsilon0 libefreet0 efl-dev e17-devel-extras

If you have installed the needed libraries from this post (the first command listed), then you should be able to compile anything checked out from cvs.

Just did this on a fresh machine and compiled the python-bindings with almost no effort. Better than compiling everything by hand :)

*EDIT* had to run "apt-get install libevas*" because some engine stuff didn't come with the previous command.