Wednesday, November 12, 2008

python-brisa 0.7.1 released!

python-brisa-0.7.1 has been released for maemo devices. Though it can be found at maemo-extras repository, this release is kinda not-meant-for-users (since it does not contain menu shortcuts, icons, applet and the configuration tool is still a bit ugly).

Here's an update on python-brisa-0.7.2 (actual development version):
  • Major refactor on the brisa.config package: sections and parameters are no longer stored on a text file, but on a sqlite database
  • brisa.config holds a configuration state for each brisa instance and the state can be saved on the persistence or updated with new persistence data.
Holding a runtime state for configuration makes it easy to deploy new interfaces for the configuration tool, since it can be viewed as Model of the MVC architectural pattern. Also, it provides a dynamic configuration which will be very useful with the dbus control interface (for example, turning plugins on and off dynamically without pooling configuration files).

Concerning dates, python-brisa-0.7.2 will be tagged and released in the next couple weeks, and python-brisa-0.8.0 hopefully in the beginning of december.

I'm also pasting here the latest changelog, as promised :)

python-brisa 0.7.2-dev, xxxx-xx-xx (development release)
- removed extern/python-id3 which is not a dependency anymore
- created a colored logging module for developers
- configuration persistence moved from text file to sqlite database
- configuration API holds a runtime state that can be save()'d or
update()'d with the configuration persistence

python-brisa 0.7.1, 2008-11-11
- API change: modules from brisa/utils/python moved to brisa/utils
- added watch facilities for SQLLite databases and objects bool attributes
- partial optimization on the filesystem plugin persistence
- fixed bugs #2980, #2950
- fixed examples with old import names

python-brisa 0.7.0, 2008-10-30
- control point API cleaned: now contains a basic and a A/V implementation
- removed SQLObject dependency
- removed Twisted dependency
- removed sqlite2 dependency (sqlite3 is being shipped with python2.5)
- removed pymad and libmad dependency (now we use python-mutagen)
- new implementation of XML DIDLite generation
- plugins browser methods can return all matches or perform internal optimized sorting/slicing (has_browse_filter flag)
- added maemo multimedia and canola plugins
- added UPnP-UP (User Profile) initial implementation

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